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  • How to stimulate the spiritual growth of 7000 illiterate Kwong women scattered in 20-30 remote villages

What does it take to see a group of Kwong women mature spiritually and mentally to a point of being able to lead other Kwong women?  At the present time I can count on one hand the number of women who can even read haltingly, and the reading learning curve is simply too steep to rely on reading as a primary means of teaching women to study the Bible themselves so they can teach others. So it was with much prayer and reflection that the following two goals emerged for the women’s work at the beginning of this term.

  •  Goal 1:  Begin a discipleship class of 5-10 women, some of whom know how to read haltingly already, and study the Bible with them with the objective of them being able to teach other women the same material.
    This goal is being realized at the weekly 6:15 a.m. prayer/Bible study for women which began on Thursday, December 29. This is the first time ever that such a study has occurred among the Kwong women. We’ve had as few as 3 and as many as 12 women in attendance, yet it seems to be growing. We memorize verses, read and talk about the women’s devotional I prepared two years ago, pray together, and sing a song. I’m really thrilled to see the depth of spiritual interest in these women.

  • Goal 2:Prepare a weekly women’s program for the radio to address health and child-rearing topics as well as teach the Bible. At present we have prepared 6 programs hitting on very relevant and culture changing topics.

    One of the first topics we address is spreading the truth that a woman not only can but should nurse her child from day one. The myth in the culture advocates emptying the breast of its colostrumfor two days, giving the baby only un-boiled, un filtered water with their hands, because they think the colostrum will make the baby sick. This we feel this a lie from the pit of hell itself.

    Now, with the radio, thousands of women who have never heard this medical truth before will hear it. Our hope is that by hearing good teaching of this nature repeatedly women will little by little feel free to change their traditions. Likewise we plan to begin AIDS awareness messages from a Christian perspective with teaching on  how to avoid AIDS.

  • July 2006 update! Bible Lessons "on the air!"  - Combining Goals 1 and 2

    In goal 1 (see above), I began channeling my efforts to disciple a handful of women both spiritually and academically (i.e. teach them to read), so that they could one day (5-10 years from now) teach other women from the word of God authoritatively and coherently. Although I am seeing a spiritual awakening that was never given vent before, the  extremely steep reading learning curve means it'll sill be 5 to 10 years before these women can effectively teach others - face to face, that is.

    Radio, however, is not  “face to face” and continues to surprise us with its incredible potential. In this case, via the radio, this handful of illiterate women who do not yet understand Scripture particularly well themselves began teaching weekly Bible lessons to other women in June on our weekly women's program (goal 2).  How? You might ask. In this case, I am literally putting the words in their mouths - “Repeat after me.” Then with the help of high tech digital audio editing I can make these women sound like learned Bible teachers - “reading” Scripture fluently and teaching authoritatively and coherently.    

    Upon hearing themselves on the first program,  Naomi and Tabitha exclaimed, “We sound like pastors.” “You are!” I said. “hundreds of women or even thousands will be listening to your teaching every Monday night.” They began immediately building their own dreams of traveling to teach in the various remote villages! We’re still working toward such a 5-10 year goal. The radio, nevertheless, has given us a medium for such teaching to begin even now.  


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