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v      On June 8, the staff of the Evangelical Clinic moved into the new building we built for them with funds that many of you provided. It is a very attractive, functional structure, and Mark is most relieved to finally be done with that project.  

v      On June 26, David Alexanian came from LA to Chageen to learn what being a missionary is all about. He studied Kwong each day, made friends in the village, helped us paint the delivery room of the clinic, spent time with the neighbor kids, and finally, spent 36 hours living on his own in a grass hut with a Kwong family several miles from us. He has since returned to the States to begin medical school. He is the third short-termer we have welcomed in our home this year.

v      On July 14, we finished the translation of the Gospel of Luke and printed it out for the first time. That was Mark’s birthday present (which was on the 15th.) During the next few months, we will test the text with other readers to make sure it actually says what we think it says. Some time towards the end of the year, a consultant with Wycliffe will check it for heresy etc J. Meanwhile we are making good progress on revising the book of Genesis. We are up to chapter 16, and expect to finish it by the end of the year.

v      On July 17, we celebrated 10 years of marriage. We are both much better people and much better missionaries for having taken the plunge. We have no regrets.

v      During a typical year in Chageen we get about the same amount of precipitation as Chicago – about 40 inches, which falls from mid June until the first week of October. However, 2009 is not turning out to be a typical year. During the first three weeks of July alone more than 20 inches have fallen – an average of about an inch a day. Not bad for the edges of the Sahara desert. While a boon for our farmer friends, it is a serious problem for our radio station. You may recall that we built the station mostly underground, which means that in April when it is 115° outside, it is still 85° in the studio. Nice! But alas, with 20 inches of rain in as many days, the pond behind the station has filled to overflowing (hey, lakefront property!), and is leaking into our studio. Five wheelbarrow loads of clay slowed the flow, but unless the Lord slows the rainfall, we are going to have a long few months of pushing a squeegee 24/7. So far, our guys have been able to continue broadcasting.  

That’s all for now.

Mark and Diane


Lambert treats the first patient in the new clinic building

David with his language helper Luke

Ten years and counting

The studio and tower on "lake Chageen"


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