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October 29, 2014

Dear family, friends, and supporters;

T minus 2 weeks

Two weeks from today we will begin our journey back to Chad after 6˝ wonderful months in the USA. As we prepare to go, we are again torn between the joy of ministry in Chad, and the attachments we feel to our family and many dear friends here in the USA. Saying goodbye is surely one of the more difficult aspects of a missionary’s life. We expect that this term will again be 2˝ - 3 years.


You may recall from our last email that we were lacking $700/month in needed support. As this email goes out, we are grateful to have seen that number cut in half. Thank you to all who have joined us. However, we still need about $350/month in additional support. If you have been thinking that you might want to help out, now is a good time to do so.  You have the following options:

1.    You may go to team.org/give  Click on “Give Now” (right-hand side)  and type “Vanderkooi” in the search box. You may contribute once or recurrently by either credit card or electronic funds transfer.


2.    You may send a check payable to TEAM along with a note designating it for us to:

TEAM PO Box 969 Wheaton, IL 60187-0969

or in Canada:  TEAM #372-16 Midlake Blvd SE Calgary, AB T2X 2X7

Video report on these past three years

If you are interested in our ministry, but have not viewed the video summary of its progress over the past three years, please do so. It is only 17 minutes long and will give you a good feel for the work you are praying for and/or supporting. To view it, go to:


What lies ahead

As you will be aware if you watch the 17-minute video report, we are in the process of organizing a Kwong pastoral training school which we hope will kick-off  two or three years from now. As we return to Chad, our priority will be preparing the materials which the Bible school will need. That will mean, at a minimum, translating the pastoral epistles (1 & 2 Timothy, Titus) and the book of 1 Corinthians. It will probably also mean writing the missing “Volume 3” of our Kingdom of God discipleship materials in Kwong, entitled “Israel: Prototype of the Kingdom”.  We will also be welcoming four young people for a 7 week internship in the month of January and February. Pray for us that we would be able to resume our work quickly and efficiently.

Ebola and Islamists

Chad is 2000 miles from the Ebola epicenter, but the longer the epidemic drags on, it is more likely that it will come to Chad. Our colleagues in Chad have drafted a contingency plan, the general gist of which is that we will stay in the country as long there are only limited cases in controlled environments such as hospitals, but we will likely have to evacuate if the disease begins to spread through the general population. Keep praying that the epidemic would be dealt with at its source.

The radical Islamic agenda has never been a serious threat in Chad, and is not, so far as we know, a threat at this time. However, we are conscious that it only takes one person with a jihadist bent  and a charismatic personality to change all that. There is no question that the rapid rise and success of ISIS has raised the stakes around the world. But for now, we are not aware of any danger in Chad. Pray that these groups would be suppressed and defeated.

Your fellow servants,

Mark and Diane

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