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There are many aspects of our life in Chageen which defy neat categorization or simply exceed what we can reasonably include in a newsletter or the news-summary. This page of pictures is a repository of such miscellaneous facets of our ministry among the Kwong.

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Growing up, as these 14 year-old Kwong boys have, without any modern media, a set of color Bible story pictures enthralled them for the better part of an hour one Sunday morning. They had heard these stories from Jonas and so could readily identify many of the details in these paintings.

Mark has "roped in" several of the teenage boys to help with construction of the clinic - sort a male bonding exercise which will hopefully open the way for positive spiritual input as well. Here Bale helps build a gate to keep the goats out of the clinic waiting room.

Adeline's parents are notably "slow", but she and her brother are some of the brightest kids in the village. Diane works with Adeline every week, helping her improve her reading skills.

Conception, pre-natal development, and  breast-feeding, - Diane is realizing just how many destructive myths abound in the lore of Kwong womenfolk regarding these things. As a result, she is beginning to incorporate more teaching on these matters in her women's discipleship lessons. 

Ten years ago, Moses (with his wife Martha) was one of our translators. Now he is a missionary to the nomads. He came back to Chageen to teach our pastors during their annual conference about being more diligent in the care of their parishoners.

Shortly after Moses taught, we were able to spend time with pastors in several remote village encouraging them. Here we are in Dogum-Dogum - so named because years ago there were a lot of elephants here and their hoofs chewed up the road, making travelers on it go "dogum-dogum" (roughly, bumpity-bump).

Death is an ever-present reality among the Kwong. When a young man died of AIDS, shortly after putting his trust in Christ, Mark was asked to preach to the mourners assembled for the wake. 

Mark also preached at the annual baptismal service in the town of Ngam, about 30 miles north of Chageen. 34 men and women were baptized. 

Recording new material for the radio station is a never-ending task. In the town of Djar, about 25 miles south of Chageen, David and Diane recorded the church choir. These people speak a completely different language (Gabri) which we, alas, do not understand. 



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