The radio station FM 95.2


In 2005 we built a low power FM radio station in Chageen to do an end run around illiteracy. It was an enormously complex and  time-consuming task, but has proved in the end to be an extremely effective means of propagating the Gospel among the Kwong people. On this page you will find links to pages we have written over the years on the station. 

  • The History of FM 95.2 is the story of God's sovereign hand in the evolution of the station. This article concludes by saying "FM 95.2 was one of those rare cases where God fairly insists that a project will be done." Read this article to see why (lots of text, few pictures).

  • The Building of FM 95.2 (which is loaded with pictures and not too much text) tells the story of FM 95.2's construction in early 2005. 

  • The Operation of FM 95.2 tries, by answering some of the most common questions people ask us, to paint a picture of what the day-by-day operation of the radio will be like. Suffice it to say, we have no interest in imitating commercial or public or even Christian radio in the USA.  

  • A day at FM 95.2 describes our program on a typical day at FM 95.2

  • The Sound of FM 95.2 has four audio clips of typical Kwong music you can listen to. We don't think you will download them to your ipod.  

  • Surprises of FM 95.2 describes some of the amazing "knock-on" effects of the station which we could have never anticipated, but which bear witness to God's wisdom in making us build it. 

Other reading on FM 95.2

There are several other pages on this website which deal with conception of this radio station and it's construction. In particular, there are three newsletters that were published at various stages in the evolution of FM 95.2 They are: May 2003  , December 2004, April 2005, and February 2006

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