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Diane kept us all going with a steady supply of delicious meals, fresh bread, and sweets, while Mark figured out where and how everything should go

One of the real treats was the fellowship we enjoyed with them guys. Every morning after a breakfast of hot cereal and granola we had a time of prayer and shared from the Scriptures. For me (Diane) it was like sneaking in on one of the famous men's prayer breakfasts. 

John was the master of the 10 minute "power nap" after lunch. He found an ally in Bob one day...

Diane and Mark really hoped that they guys would be able to appreciate the wonderful Kwong folks we work with. We were not disappointed, and neither were they.

The were able to participate in three church services including the inauguration of a new congregation on the far side of Chageen. We were able to host the Pastor Moses and the elders to a meal with the men, and the church reciprocated with a tasty "boule" meal. That's the whole gang with Diane at the innauguration, Mike with Old Moses wearing a special tee-shirt from St. John's Missionary Baptist Church, and Fred chowing down at the feast the church prepared for us.

And yes, we did work - a lot! 

We had music lessons from Bob, and checked out the Chageen Tuesday market as well.

But finally it was time to say goodbye...


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