Our cats

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We have two female cats - Patches the calico, and Sophie the tabby. Both are prolific in the production of kittens, averaging at least two litters a year each which we give away to our Kwong friends. (There is no practical way of getting the mothers "fixed", though we would gladly do so if a competent vet were available to undertake the operation.) Both the mother cats and the kittens brighten up our home. Be sure to scroll down.

Patches keeps the lizard population under control. She eats the heads and sometimes the drumsticks, and then leaves the "fuselage" under the coffee table.

Sophie's last batch of kittens

Patches' most recent crop of kittens

Sophie and her kittens enjoying some instant milk

No, the cats didn't play cat-n-mouse with this rat. It was heavier than they were. The rat was helping itself to the cats' food bowl every night on our verandah while the cats blithely watched the proceedings. We finally succeeded in trapping the beast on our verandah and Mark bludgeoned it to death. A neighbor cooked it up for his dinner. A month later, we killed another rat in the same way. 

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