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Our home in Chageen is unique among missionary homes in Africa. While most missionary homes are a variation on the American "ranch house" or "bungalow" motif, Mark attempted to capture some of sprawling Chadian building style in this well-ventilated structure.  Each room is a separate structure arranged around a a high, central atrium of grass thatch. 

The original three wings and atrium were built in 1995-96 and the guest room and bathroom were constructed in 2001. (The second atrium and one room have not been built.) The buildings are constructed of steel-reinforced concrete and native fired bricks. The house has cost about $9000 to build. 

The picture below (taken from our water tower in 2000 - now the trees completely surround the house) shows the original three wings and central atrium. The bathroom is visible behind the palm tree, and the guest room is hidden behind the trees next to the bathroom. The building to the far left is a workshop and storeroom. Also of note in the picture are the solar panels on the roof of the porch.

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