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We will be working very hard these coming months on a project which quite frankly overwhelms us. We would ask you to share with us in the hard work that lies ahead by praying persistently on our behalf. With so many things that can go wrong on a project of this complexity, it will most certainly be a miracle - a miracle of your prayers - if everything turns out well. 

December 1 - 8 - Final preparations - pray that critical equipment finally shows up. Pray that we don’t forget a myriad of important details to be taken care of regarding the work teams and shipping equipment over to Chad.
December 8-9  - We travel to Chad - always a very stressful time. Pray that we can check our luggage all the way through to Chad, that we are not selected for special inspection by homeland security, and that the customs officials in Chad don’t hassle us.
December 10-15 TEAM - Chad annual field conference, which we will participate in. Pray that all missionaries will be edified and refreshed. Pray that between conference meetings Mark will find good lumber to purchase (hard to come by because of the civil war in Congo) , and have time to arrange for the purchase of other materials for the radio station.
December 16-17 Two days to do whatever purchasing of supplies we couldn’t do during the conference. Pray that as we drive around town we wont be hassled at police blockades and that our car won’t broken into.
December 18 - We drive to Chageen. Pray for safety and that the car works properly, and that we are able to find the merchant in the village of Ba’illi along the way who will purchase cement and reinforcing rod for us. Pray that our house is in order when we get there.
December 19-20 - A team of  6 from Barrie, Ontario will be visit Chageen to see the work. Pray that they have a safe journey and that we are able to impart to them a vision for the work in Chad.
December 21-January 16 - We’ll be mostly in Chageen, with the possibility of a trip to the provincial capital of Moundou or Lai to purchase building supplies. Pray that we would renew great relationships with the Kwong after a long absence and enjoy a couple weeks of respite in our busy schedule.
January 17 - We drive up to N’Djamena (200 miles, takes all day) to pick up the first work team. Pray for safety.
January 18-19 First work team flies out to Chad. - Diane’s parents, Don and Pat Stocksdale and John Beals from Union City Indiana, and Fred High from Sycamore Illinois. They will have in their luggage the transmitter for the radio station, and other critical equipment. Pray that this equipment arrives safely, and that we get it cleared through customs without trouble.
January 20- February 14 - First work team builds major part of radio studio and foundation for the 96 foot antenna tower. Pray for safety, for good relationships with the Chadians, and that  work goes smoothly. On February 7,8, and 9 pray that we are able to get one member of the team, Fred High, out of Chageen on the Cessna 206 so he can catch his flight home.
February 14 or 15 - We drive to N’Djamena to put the rest of the work team on their flight back to USA. Pray again for safe travels. Roads in Chad are very dangerous. They fly out the night of January 16.
February 16-17  Keith and Shari Davis and their son Jason of Springfield OH fly to Chad. Their luggage will not be quite as critical as the first team’s luggage, but pray all the same that it arrives, and that we get it through customs. Having raised three boys, they are now looking at a second career in missions and this is a way for them to get their feet wet. They have never traveled overseas before. Pray that their trip goes well and that this whole time is positive for them.
February 18-22 We will be purchasing whatever we found missing in Chageen. Pray again that we can drive around the capital without being hassled by the police and robbers. Pray that Keith and Shari have a good time visiting with the Missionary Aviation Fellowship people. They are interested in missionary aviation.
February 22-23 - Dave Casement, the engineer with the radio ministry Galcom ( who has been consulting with us for these past couple years flies to Chad. Pray that his luggage and tool chest arrive safely and without hassle from customs.
February 24 or 25 - Dave the Davis’s  and us drive down to Chageen. Pray for safety.
February 26-March 13 - Dave and Keith build the 96 foot tower and install the equipment. Pray that nothing will be missing. Pray for safety at dangerous heights. Mark and Jason will be finishing up the studio (Mark doesn’t do heights) and Shari and Diane will keep everybody fed and watered. Pray that everybody stays healthy. Pray that the crazy radio actually works.
March 14 - Dave and the Davis’s fly on MAF to N’Djamena to catch their flight back to the USA on March 15. Pray that the flight happens when it is supposed to so they don’t miss their flight on Air France
March 31 (about) - Mark and Diane fly back to the USA to finish the remaining six months of our home assignment (a.k.a. furlough) in Dekalb, Illinois. Pray that we find housing.
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