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The Soto-Ngam ministry team - Mark, Joseph, 
Laurrent, Marie, Tabitha, and Diane

During the months of March and April 2002, we traveled with our own closest disciples from Chageen to the villages of Mobou, Ngam, Soto, Saya, and Danang to advertise the first four volumes of the Kingdom of God discipleship books we have published in Kwong. The plan was simple: shepherd the men through one of the four books so they get used to reading Kwong and learn how to study them and develop a taste for more of them, and then sell them the other three books so they can preach and teach from them over the long haul. The verdict, when it was all said and done, is that the men's enthusiasm dropped off pretty fast when it came time to put good money down for the other three books even at subsidized prices. I dared to remind some of them of the parable of "The Pearl of Great Price." Notwithstanding the apathy of the many, we found in each village true "Bereans" who were eager to take advantage of what we had to offer. 

This year Diane had painstakingly (remember she's still learning Kwong) prepared seminars for the women, addressing issues that really "hit home" such as how to treat husbands, raising children, not appeasing spirits, and not being saved by good works. Unfortunately,  and perhaps because it was the first time for such seminars, the women who attended sometimes seemed more interested in drinking tea than listening. On the positive side, this meant she had a lot of time with her assistants Tabitha and Marie who were part of our ministry team. The many hours they spent talking under the stars on grass mats at night gave new insights into Kwong thinking and the questions women face. 


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