Discipling the Kwong church


As our purpose statement points out, our goal in living and working in Kwongland is a church - not a radio station, and not even a translation of the Bible. That being a case, we spend a lot of time ministering in churches, traveling to churches, teaching pastors, and preaching in towns and villages. On this page you will find links to some of the pages we have written over the years describing joys and frustrations of this very important facet of our ministry. Virtually every one of our newsletters also reveals a facet of our church ministry, so be sure to check out the back issues

Intinerant Travels 2002
Kwong Pastors' Training  #1
A visit to the Niellim
Hinterland Travels - March 2001
Impressions from the Hinterland
A Vision for Ministry Among the Kwong
Annotated Outline of Kwong Theology

Mark and Diane are missionaries to the Kwong people in the central African country of Chad. Their purpose is to work with the Kwong Christians in such a way as to assure the long-term viability of the Kwong church. We do this through Bible translation, Discipleship, and Literacy. Our sentiment towards ministry among the Kwong is reflected in the words of the Apostle Paul:

By the grace of God, we are ministers of Jesus Christ to the Kwong with the priestly duty of proclaiming the gospel of God so that the Kwong might become an offering acceptable to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:16, with apologies to the NIV)

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